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Call of Duty: World War 2 – Me? Buy? Why?

I am considering buying Call of Duty: World at War, there I said it. I have not bought a Call of Duty game since Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. That’s 6 years of Call of Duty abstinence and it has barely felt like a day. That isn’t some proud statement about the passage of time, it’s more of an indictment of just how little the later series entries have tempted me. And to be honest, I mostly bought Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops through chasing a feeling, the feeling that Modern Warfare, World at War and to some extent Modern Warfare 2. Continue reading

Far Cry 5: 4 Reasons I’m Looking Forward To It

The Main Antagonist

The most recent Far Cry games have been memorable for their villains alone. The flamboyant and charismatic Pagan Min of Far Cry 4 and although he was more a secondary antagonist Vaas Montenegro pretty much stole the show in Far Cry 3. The last Game (Far Cry Primal) got away from this, I don’t about you but the game was harder to stick with. Joseph Seed is the big bad of this game, a preacher who believes he is protecting the citizens of Hope County (where the game is set) and has established a congregation known as Eden’s Gate. This being a Far Cry game, however, means he’ll be converting people to Eden’s Gate with violence and kidnappings and only occasionally his charm. I’m already intrigued and if Joseph Seed turns out to half as memorable as previous villains then were on for a winner.

J seed

Player Customisation

For the first time ever in a Far Cry game, the player isn’t a set character you play as. You are a deputy sheriff who is sent in to arrest Mr. Seed and things go tits up I guess. Your sheriff is completely customizable meaning you can choose the appearance, skin tone and gender of your “hero”. I already spend too much time in games like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls creating someone who looks vaguely like me. Hell, even in games like PES, FIFA and Football Manager I waste valuable time tinkering with facial settings. This is very much welcome however and I look forward it. There is reason to be cautious because that’s all the information we have on player customization right now. We have no idea how deep it’s going to be. It could turn out like Fallout 4’s character creator which was awesome. Then again it could be like Destiny’s was and be completely pointless.


Bigger Weapon and Vehicles range

There is a bigger emphasis on close quarters combat so a range of melee weapons are coming to Far Cry 5. Weapons such as pitchforks, sledgehammers and baseball bats. Melee combat was decent in Far Cry Primal and I look forward to seeing how they can improve on it. From killing your enemies to making your way around there going to be a bigger selection of vehicles, namely planes. The only air vehicle in Far Cry 4 was the buzzer and well, it sucked. Far Cry 5 boasts such aircraft’s as seaplanes, helicopters, and even old World War 2 fighter planes. Genuine air combat seems like a fun addition to series and is sure to spawn some hilarious moments in single player and co-op, speaking of co-op.


The Game Is Completely Co-op

The older Far Cry games had bits of co-op, Far Cry 3 had a whole separate co-op story and 4 had a man named Hank you could play as. Where Far Cry Primal had no co-op Far Cry 5 has all the co-op as for the first time the whole game is cooperative. Seeing as you play as a deputy sheriff I assume for co-op instead of sending in 1 man to arrest a lunatic with a mini army at his disposal they send 2 deputies. There’s no word on if it is just 2 player co-op or if you can rock up to Hope County with 4 deputies to kick ass. Either way, co-op is guaranteed to shift a few more copies, just look at games like the recent Ghost Recon Wildlands which for me is only fun in co-op.


Are you looking forward to Far Cry 5? Tell us why in the comments.

Fallout 4: Top 5 Quests

Fallout 4 is a decent game,  not or personally nowhere near the quality of Fallout New Vegas, its still a game that will eat away the hours as you wander the ruins of Boston looking for enemies to kill and quests to complete. Although most quests follow a similar formula of “go here, kill guy, go back”. There are some exceptions and some truly memorable stories. So I’ll be looking at 5 of the best quests in Fallout 4.

The Secret Of Cabot House

Boston is in complete ruin, even in cities where people live the destruction is evident and then theres Cabot house. A place completely untouched by the war. Inside it seems as though there hasn’t even been a nuclear war, but the mystery goes even further than why Jack Cabot’s house looks nice. When you first speak to him he goes on about aliens and and ancient civilisations and your tasked with retrieving a serum that has been stolen outside a facility he uses called Parsons state insane asylum. Simple enough, the next quest involves tracking down he’s sister. The mystery deepens when you find her and she’s old enough to be his mother. She can tell you the real purpose of the which is halting the ageing process. Upon returning to Jack you hear that the asylum is under attack and you go with him to the asylum. On the way he’ll tell you everything about his father discovering an ancient city and artifact in Arabia. How it changed him and that the mysterious serum that stops ageing is basically his fathers blood. Also on the way Jack will start fights with everything including legendary enemies, the forged as well as a deathclaw. Watching the entire story and mystery unfold is really cool and it culminates in choice to either save Lorenzo (Jacks Father) or kill him to stop him from getting out. Saving him nets you a lifetime supply of the mysterious serum, which is good for some characters. Killing him will end up getting you a unique gamma gun, which is ok I guess.There aren’t too many quest in the game with actual choices but this still a very interesting one.



Cambridge Polymer Labs

This is the first quest on the list and one of two that can be completed in multiple ways, although theres no major choice at the end having a choice on how to complete the quest is something Fallout 4 lacks. Both ways are interesting enough but only one snags you a cool piece of power armor. As for the story well its starts with you getting locked in a part of the facility and being told that your not allowed to leave until an experiment is complete. To complete the experiment the basically has to find the right chemicals and put them in the right places. Thats one way at least, you can ignore this and escape without doing the experiment. Once you find a Doctors terminal you can access an emergency override, then its just a case of fighting your way out. Like I said however doing the experiment gets you a unique piece of power armor called the Piezonucleic power armor. Once the experiment is finished you are allowed to leave and are taken to the directors office. Unfortunately he’s a ghoul and attacks you, once he’s dealt with your given money and theres a skill maganize in his office as well. Theres some interesting entries in his terminal that explains why you were locked in until the experiment was complete.



Hole In The Wall

This quest is set in vault 81, usually vaults in fallout are filled with nothing but tragic events and stories. So its a surprise when you first find vault 81 and everyone is still alive, not only that but when you explore it everything seems fine, no sinister experiment going on here. All there is to do is help some of the residents out by giving them fertiliser or tools, tell stories of your adventures to school children and donate blood to the doctor for no well explained reason. Its only when you leave the vault and come back that the evil vault tec rear their ugly face. A little boy is in the medical bay, he was been bitten by a mole rat while exploring a secret part of vault and is now ill. You are tasked with exploring the secret part of the vault to find a cure. This part of vault is run down and filled with enemy turrets and mole rats and if the mole rats bite you, you will also be infected with the disease which could result in a permanent loss of 10 HP. The true purpose of the vault was to infect people with diseases and then try to cure them hoping that eventually man would be able to resist all disease. Once at the end of the secret part of the vault you find a robot who has developed a cure but theres only one left. This results in a choice to keep the cure for yourself and let the child die or to give the child the cure and have permanently 10 less HP. I think I know what most people would do in that situation especially considering that 10 HP isn’t that much, but overall a fun quest with a nice moral choice at the end.



The Great Hunt

The only quest on this list from a DLC, that DLC being far harbour, comes The Great Hunt. Its also one of the shortest quests in the game, not only that but you don’t really do much either. For this quest its the story and the character that make it fantastic, especially if you take the time to talk to her as well find out something about her. That character being The Mariner, she has lived on the harbour all her life and is in charge of keeping the towns defence’s up. You can do quests for her which help with just that, if just do her quests and don’t talk to her The Great Hunt is still… well… great. If you do you can find out that she’s dying and with some emotional support from you she dedicates her remaining time to make sure the people of the harbour are safe after she dies. Then comes The Great Hunt, she tells you a story of a giant sea monster with glowing red eyes thats been preying on ships, its called The Red Death and its killed plenty of people and she wants to go on one last adventure to kill it to make the sea safe. Of course you agree to help and you sail off in your boats to find this creature. You spot the red glow on an island and sail towards it, only to find a mirelurk the size of a chicken, with glowing red eyes of course. The Mariner isn’t very happy and you find it hilarious, now you can either tell Mariner to lie to the town and tell them it was a great hunt and you destroyed the monster, or tell the truth. The outcome doesn’t really have any direct effect on the player. If you didn’t talk to Mariner and find out she’s dying then its just a funny quest but if you did it can turn out kind of sad. If she tells the truth everyone finds it pretty damn funny, and she’ll remark to you how this is what she’s going to be remembered for. If she lies to the town then she is regarded as a hero but believes the rest of her life to be harder for lying. In the end though she regards you as true friend, a funny, interesting, sad story that makes you think.

The red death

He’s sooo cute


Last Voyage Of The USS Constitution

Boy oh boy there’s a lot to this quest, exploration, high verticality combat, choice, awesome set piece and skill check. Yes! fucking skill checks, the only skill check in the entire game before Far Harbour. To be more specific I guess its a special requirement but we’ll get to it later. Upon finding the USS constitution you are invited on board by a robot and discover that the whole place is run by robots. The robot in charge is Ironsides and he will task you with fixing broken things on the ship. You are then attacked by scavengers while your on top of the ship, you get to fire the massive cannons on the side so thats cool. Its also cool that if you have Intelligence 9 you can fix most of the problems on the ship, why its the only stat check in the base game I don’t know. You do have to leave the ship to get some replacement parts, each area bringing combat with it. One of the pieces you need is in the hands of the scavengers who attacked earlier. You can actually side with the scavengers but unfortunately even if you do side with them they will betray you at the end. Working with Ironside is the way to go as it gets you the unique weapon known as the Broadsider which is a portable cannon basically, its pretty damn good. Now the reason the robots want to fix the ship is to launch themselves into the sea. Im sure most people who have played this game will know what happens if you don’t just go watch it, its good. A quest with plenty going on, a decent story and great ending make it easily the best quest in the base game.


Wish Lists Are Dumb (Kinda)

The main reason I say this is because I was planning on doing a list of improvements and features I wanted to see in Bethesda’s next Elder Scrolls game. When it came to actually figuring out what I personally wanted to see I came up empty. Continue reading

FIFA 18 Will Not Be An Improvement

Sorry for what seems like an overly dramatical title but its the conclusion I’ve come to after a copious amount of minutes thinking about it. The reason I’ve come to said conclusion is because of way the fans or I want the game to be improved. Continue reading

Five Games That Carry a Harsh Death Penalty

Dying in games is synonymous with re-spawning, relatively consequence free, back into the game to fight another fight or to hop on another helpless Goomba. Sure, most games have some consequence, for example, dying in Call of Duty will slightly hinder your chances of winning the Team Deathmatch, similarly dying in Mario will cost you a precious life. But some games take a bite back, giving the player a taste of their own medicine through doling out a punishing set back to the players hopes of success in the game. Some games however take this a step further, whether that means punishing your whole team for your incompetence, or wasting a whole lot of your time – these games take a certain amount of masochism in order to succeed, a drive for competition or a need to finish what you have started. Continue reading

My Top Three Anticipated Games of 2017

Last year was a real mixed bag for releases, on one hand we had the release of excellent major titles such as: Overwatch, Doom, XCOM 2 and even Battlefield 1. As well as smaller games such as: Superhot, Darkest Dungeon and Firewatch. On the other hand there was No Man’s Sky, which will hopefully act as a warning against getting too excited for a game we know little to nothing about. With that said, allow me to get cautiously excited (I was too burned by Destiny to go above this emotional state) about the following three titles coming to us in 2017. Continue reading