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Timesplitters Rewind: What We Know So Far

Fan of the Timesplitters series? Did that trailer leave you deeply unsatisfied? Are you curious what this mysterious Timesplitters Rewind is exactly? Well you are in the right place, today I will look into the information we have regarding Timesplitters Rewind and piece together what exactly we can expect. Continue reading

Speaking of Time Crystals…

You may of heard the news of the discovery of time crystals, these are crystals that have a repeating structure in time as well as in space. This makes them significantly different to regular crystals which have a repeating structure in the three spatial dimensions but not in the forth dimension – time. This means that these crystals have movement in their zero energy ground state, they oscillate. In standard crystals this is not possible as there is equilibrium in the ground state and so energy expense would be required to create oscillation, but time crystals are non-equilibrium matter, a new form of matter.

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