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5 Gaming Myths We All Fell For

Let’s face it we’ve all “fell” for something in our lives, whether it be a girl, a sport like football (American) or football (Every where else). Even that stupid “got your nose” bit when you where too young to understand what was happening. So the majority of you, not me, probably fell for these video game myths. Before I get into it I want to say I only believed 1 of these following myths. Continue reading

Football Manager 2017: The Man Utd Challenge

The date was the 3rd of November, Man Utd travel to turkey for the Europa League fixture against Fenerbahce. What follows is one of the worst performances I’ve seen from a United side since Fergie left. Since Mourinho came in there have been quite few poor performances from a team who have the quality to be challenging for the title. Numerous times this season I’ve been critical of Mr Mourinho’s tactics and selection. At one point I even exclaimed “I can do better than him”.

Well, lets find out, using Football Manager 2017. Continue reading