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How Much Does Gaming Cost the UK? (Or How Gaming Took Our Time & Energy)

Okay, dramatic title, let me explain. I recently met up with my co-blog-writer for a few beers and a chat about life, football and obviously gaming. Amongst all the talk about how gaming can be saved from the big-bad that is microtransactions and what episode of Simpsons is the greatest ever (maybe more to come on this), I wondered just how long each year the UK spends on gaming per year. The reason this came up is that neither of us recently have had much time to play anything at all really and it seems to be getting harder to play anything, what with more commitments and the constant need to update games when you haven’t played them for three days. The thought also come to mind that how much money could the UK earn from using this time working instead (please don’t get any ideas future government), and also just how much does our gaming habit hurt our environment. Continue reading

Speaking of Time Crystals…

You may of heard the news of the discovery of time crystals, these are crystals that have a repeating structure in time as well as in space. This makes them significantly different to regular crystals which have a repeating structure in the three spatial dimensions but not in the forth dimension – time. This means that these crystals have movement in their zero energy ground state, they oscillate. In standard crystals this is not possible as there is equilibrium in the ground state and so energy expense would be required to create oscillation, but time crystals are non-equilibrium matter, a new form of matter.

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