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Rediscovering Runescape: The Return

So, since a long time has passed since my original rediscovering of Runescape I have decided to dive back into the nostalgia free world following the announcement that the game will be coming to mobile – which I think, for Old School Runescape could be pretty great, enabling you to grind away woodcutting while you’re on the bus. Continue reading

Rediscovering Runescape: Tutorial Island

Like many of you I spent far too many hours of my teen/pre-teen life playing Runescape. For the unaware, Runescape is a free MMORPG (which no-doubt lent to its teen fan base playing over games perceived as more expensive such as WoW), where you roam the lands of Gielinor seeking out quests and most of the time, ways to level up and gain mad stacks of gold coin. The game was a lot like real life, and not just because it took a lot of your time only for you to log out and never return. Sure, in order to succeed grinding was inevitable, but the game had a live economy, a plethora of skills to master and a hell of a lot to explore and conquer. Ultimately the reason I quit was due to the time aspect, at higher levels the grind becomes even longer, even more time consuming, and when I was in my mid-teens this was too much to ask.  Continue reading