Football Manager 2018: The Man Utd “Challenge” Part 3

Welcome back to the Man Utd challenge we are in October now and this month we have some big games including the Manchester derby in the league as well as Liverpool in the Carabao cup. At the end of the last part I said I wanted 6 points from our 3 league games and 6 points from our 2 Champions League games so hopefully, we can meet those targets.

I think we will meet those targets so long as we remain injury free. We start with Huddersfield in the league after the international break but before that…

Z Lukaku inj

Lukaku gets injured with Belgium, a broken ankle. Not good but it’s only 1 injury so we can endure it, Martial will have to play up top is all.

Z Vs Huddersfield

21 minutes played and Martial gets injured…brilliant. It was tough away to Huddersfield, the home team had the best of it to be honest. It was from a Huddersfield corner though that we broke away with Rashford finding Inaki Williams who crossed for Pogba who found the bottom corner. Despite winning the Huddersfield center back Schindler got man of the match.

Z Martial inj

I guess Rashford will have to play up front now that Martial joins Lukaku, Rojo and Ibrahimovic on the injury list.

Z Vs kyiv 1st

Away to Kyiv in the first CL game and it went rather well, Blind crossed from deep and Rashford finished at the near post to give us the lead. Kyiv leveled just after the hour, which was a bit undeserved but the introduction of Angel Gomes is what changed the game as he broke records by becoming the youngest ever Champions League scorer and getting an assist in the final 5 minutes to give us the 3 points. Inaki Williams also got another assist as well, just thought I’d mention that.

Gomes record

Having a look throughout the club after the game I noticed that we barely had any coaches so I needed to rectify that. I immediately knew the people I wanted to get in and here they are.

Z Coach

United legends have joined the backroom staff, I don’t really belong now. Why listen to me when you got these lot about. Also, Gary, who didn’t want the assistant job or any job at the club, Neville suddenly wanted a job. Well, we got them in, now we go away to Man City, it will be a tough game but hopefully, we can get a result.

Z Vs Man City

We ended the Kyiv game in a strikerless formation and that’s how we started this game with Gomes in CAM. At half time we were 1-0 down and we hadn’t even had a shot, I was worried. 7 minutes into the second half Gomes went off injured and on came Mkhitaryan. With 20 minutes to go Ederson comes out of his area to get an awful long pass made by us on the left side. He decided to boot it towards John Stones but gets it completely wrong and it goes straight to Mkhitaryan who is through one on one and he makes no mistake. 4 minutes later and he was at it again, Rashford running down the right crosses to the near post, Pogba’s shot is blocked. It goes back to Rashford who dinks it to the back post where an unmarked Mkhitaryan volley’s home. We managed to hold on and looking at the stats…we FM’d them.

Z Stats v City

I’ve gone and done a Mourinho!!

Z Gomes inj

Gomes makes it 5… on the treatment table.

Z Vs Liverpool

Liverpool in the Carabao Cup, I don’t really care about the Carabao Cup so this isn’t a big deal. We didn’t start with the strikerless formation this time we went with Rashford up front. He then got injured which is fucking typical at this point. That was after Henderson put Liverpool in front, Chamberlain found some space on the right, he cut it back to Henderson who smashed it home.

Z Rashford inj

Another twisted ankle, these injuries are getting ridiculous. We now have no strikers at all because I didn’t register James Wilson, so strikerless it is then and this is what it looks like.


Z strikerless

There’s a little spoiler in there for the West Ham game



Z Vs West Ham

The strikerless formation worked really against West Ham who were completely dominated. Shaw and Valencia finding a lot of space around the box to move into. Valencia even got us underway after 5 minutes then Mkhitaryan finding the net again late on to seal it. You can’t see it there but Williams also got injured in this game, we have no strikers and now we’re running out of wingers.

Z Williams inj

Fortunately, he’s not out for too long.

Z Vs Kyiv 2nd

We end the month at home to Kyiv in the CL with the strikerless formation working just as it did in the West Ham game. Luke Shaw benefiting this time from the extra space around the edge of the box to make a run inside and finish like a striker. Mkhitaryan who was in form was taken off injured 8 minutes in and then his replacement Fellaini got injured just over 10 minutes later. This is officially taking the piss.

Z Mkhitaryan injZ Fellaini inj

What’s with the fucking ankle injuries everyone’s getting…

Despite the injuries of which there are now 9, it was a good month. 9 points out of 9 in the league and 6 points out of 6 in the CL mean we better our self set target for the month. Our 100% record in the Premier League even gets me my first Manager of the Month award.

Z Manager of the month


Z tables

At the end of October, we sit atop the Premier League table as well as our Champions League group. We were knocked out of the Carabao Cup but I’m not too upset about it, the FA Cup is where it’s at, just ask Arsenal fans. Chelsea who were top at the end of last month with 17 points didn’t even manage to get a point this month.

Z November

November appears to be quite an easy month even with Liverpool in the mix, so with that said let’s go for maximum points. 5 wins out of 5 is what I’ll be aiming for. Do you think I can do it? find out next time.

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2 thoughts on “Football Manager 2018: The Man Utd “Challenge” Part 3

  1. Joe

    Next month is definitely a zero point month with that target set. With the injuries you probably should be Arsenal manager, or take any international job…

    Going to stick to the striker less? Seemed pretty damn good



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