Football Manager 2018: The Man Utd “Challenge” Part 2

Welcome back to the Man Utd “challenge” today will go through September but before we start there are some things I forgot to mention in part 1.

The first thing is the expectations for the season which are just qualify for the champions league and… others. The league is the most important thing and champions league football is extremely necessary. The squad is about 1 or 2 top players short of being a title winning side. Speaking of the squad, here it is.

z the squad

Still lacking quality in defensive areas but there is a lot of potential in the squad so it might be about developing the players we have instead of spending more on transfers. With all that out of the way lets start with the 4 away games in a row we have, actually I might have a quick look at the dynamic page and…

Z support

No one likes me… It’s okay. I don’t need friends, I can’t imagine Mourinho has friends. Anyway let’s get into the matches, I said in part one I’d be happy with 8 or 9 points from these next 4 games so hopefully, we can start with a win.

Vs Southampton

A very even game with both teams having chances, I’m not too impressed by some of our defending but fortunately, Southampton’s finishing was rather poor. Pogba headed in from a Valencia free kick to give us lead but with 10 minutes to go Gabbiadini leveled and it was coming. Drawing this game means we need to beat either Chelsea or Tottenham to hit my set target of 8 or 9 points.

Vs Qarabag

The first game of the Champions League campaign was a routine win. There was a change in formation from the 4-2-3-1 to the 4-3-3. Being a bit more defensive meant we controlled the game with Qarabag only having 2 shots in the entire game, neither was on target.

Vs Newcastle

They say winning when you don’t play well is a sign of a good team, we must be bloody excellent then because we were shocking in this game. An early penalty which was converted by Lukaku was the only chance we really had. Newcastle dominated having 17 shots to our 6. Luckily for us, Romero had a good game and even won the man of the match.

Vs Blackburn

We had Blackburn in the 3rd round of the Carabao Cup and I didn’t expect to be 3-1 down at half time. Blackburn deserved their lead though, they were pulling us all over the place and I didn’t know what to do. I was fuming… I then notice that in the opposition instructions, tight marking is set on 6… fucking 6 of the Blackburn players. Now I let my assistant sort the opposition instructions but no more. I’m so mad that the assistant is relieved of his duties after the game. After taking tight marking off those 6 players we start to play actual football. 2 Lindelof goals level things up and now were dominating. It took extra time though for us to get a winner and it was a Martial screamer that pinged into the top corner that won the game.

Z Inspirational

At least Carrick likes me.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that the assistant was relieved of his duties, we needed a new assistant manager and I knew exactly who I wanted. That man is a Man United legend, was also a legendary England full back and is now one of the best pundits in existence and here he is.

Z Neville

Gary said there wasn’t a job at the club he wanted so, Phil’s better anyway.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 16.04.06

The first big game of the season is a bit of bore, it was a very even game but neither side able to find a goal. Once Moses got sent off Chelsea shut up shop and we couldn’t break them down.

Vs Spartak

I was fired from my previous job as a dog walker and might be fired from this one for the same reason. Despite leading twice in the game we are unable to hold the lead, both of the Spartak goals were poor goals, De Gea letting us down in this one.

Vs Tottenham

We end the month against Tottenham and like in real life Martial puts us ahead late on and we think the game is won. Unlike in real though Dele Alli levels at the death after Paul Pogba decides to dick about in his own half and concede possession, 2 one-touch passes later and Alli is through and makes no mistake.

That’s 3 times this month that we have dropped points from winning positions, very frustrating. Also drawing to Chelsea and Tottenham means we only got 6 points in the league this month, which isn’t great but we do end the month unbeaten so… with every cloud.


Z comps

Top: Premier League   Bottom Left: Champions League   Bottom Right: Carabao Cup


So far so good? I think if we had an extra win in the league then overall I would have been happy, but we keep going.

Z October

Once again in October, we start with 4 away games which includes the Manchester derby. I’m thinking at least 6 points in the league and the Champions League, I’m not too bothered about the Carabao Cup but a win against Liverpool would be nice. Let’s hope we can hit our targets next month.

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2 thoughts on “Football Manager 2018: The Man Utd “Challenge” Part 2

  1. Joe

    “I was fired from my previous job as a dog walker and might be fired from this one for the same reason. Despite leading twice in the game we are unable to hold the lead” I enjoyed this line quite a lot.

    Overall, shame you couldn’t beat Spurs, tactics will come together eventually though I think.

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