Rediscovering Runescape: The Return

So, since a long time has passed since my original rediscovering of Runescape I have decided to dive back into the nostalgia free world following the announcement that the game will be coming to mobile – which I think, for Old School Runescape could be pretty great, enabling you to grind away woodcutting while you’re on the bus.

Back to the game as it is, I am fresh off tutorial island and have no skills at all… what shall we do first? Quests of course!

And where else to start but a timeless classic… Sheep Shearer.


RS 1.png

I should have taken that free bronze scim…

Instructions received from my old friend Fred and I’m off to go do some sheep hairdressing, not the sheep have a say, they are all going bald. I’ve also been told to look out for the Thing, so I’m a little cautious about that because having seen that film I don’t think my level 3 with 10 hp will come out of that fight in one piece…

Whilst sheering sheep and accidentally clicking on Rams I get dragged into a mini game.


RS 2

I’d forgotten about these

These had always been an annoying little distraction when I was a fairly high levelled player, but being a complete noob now the five free cut rubies will come in handy for sure.


RS 3.png

Something is wrong here…



And… finally, that’s twenty sheep sheered now all that is left is to spin the wool and get it back to the farmer for our sweet, sweet reward. So to Lumbridge castle and do some spinning.



RS 4.png

Status: Master sheep hairdresser

That’s our first quest down, and now I’ve got a thirst for it I’ll think I’ll do another… Cook’s Assistant. Should be easy and we don’t have to leave Lumbridge yet, a win win.

Arriving in the kitchen to find a distressed cook, so distressed in fact he can’t even do his shopping so he’s given me the list. I’ll need an egg, some milk and some flour. Now, from science class I know that chickens make eggs and cows make milk so that should be pretty easy because both cows and chickens are kept on farms for easy human convenience – in case you didn’t know, you’re welcome.


RS 5.png

Flour power

Right then, got an egg, got some milk, got some flour. This cook better be grateful… I’ve saved his job, and by extension, his family, better get an apron or something.


RS 6.png

Close enough.

So that is enough to get us level 4 cooking, which isn’t really much of an achievement but I feel a trickle of pride. Also, through just finding stuff, plus those rubies we were given, we have 1.8k – We’re rich!


Having completed those two quests I decide to walk to Varrock to have a look around… forgetting how annoying getting around is with sprint energy wearing out and having no teleports!


RS 7.png

Grand exchange – maybe the most popular place around

I finally get to Varrock having taken a detour through that place people go to PK…  Edgeville, to see if there was any sweet loot on the ground, and by sweet loot, at this level I mean literally anything worth over 300 GP. Alas no PKer’s were around I’ll maybe check a more popular world at some point. But for now, let’s see what we can get at the exchange, it seems to be where everyone in Varrock is congregated.

Turns out, I’m too new to sell anything on the exchange, so instead, we are going to buy a tonne of runes (well 200…) and head back to Lumbridge. This way we can train mage, whilst also collecting cow-hides which we will bank.


RS 8.png

Bad idea…

Well, Lumbridge cows are busy. Need to think of an alternative… need a mob that will allow me to break even for the runes we are using. But just for practicality’s sake…


RS 9.png

Always feel bad trapping guards…






But then again… I thought I found a great spot, and these guards occasionally drop good herbs… but again it got too crowded and the guards become hostile once you attack one… need another alternative…

How about Barbarian village?


RS 10.png


This went wrong for multiple reasons. Firstly its multi, and bots training range would just jump on my target and get the loot. Secondly, I miss clicked and run out of cover and got hit for a 3 and a 2 so I ran away scared as can be seen above.

I was actually looking for the monastery when I came across…


RS 11.png

Basic, but they’ll do

The goblin stronghold, it’ll do, not great loot from the goblins so probably won’t break even but I am tired of looking for somewhere to train! So let’s just use up those runes here and see if we get anything good… and also don’t misclick and die.

All done.


RS 12.png

Some levels…

We only got 1 chaos rune and about 50 coins as drops as our level plus no real mage gear means lots of splashes and only about 4 goblins killed. But we have reached a respectable 11 magic. For now, I think that’ll do for this return to Runescape, I may play a little between this post and any future post as I try to understand the game more. This session has thrown up both the things I liked and didn’t like about Runescape. I always enjoyed the PvM, killing monsters and hoping for an awesome drop, even better when the probability is really low. On top of this I also quite miss the questing and the charm that comes with that. The side I like less is the grind on stats… and that makes up quite a lot of Runescape.

And just as I was writing this I end up in here:


RS 14.png

Another one.

Which netted me a few more rubies… uncut this time though.

Overall, I’ve had fun playing, and would like to play a little more, and likely will. But would I return to Runescape? Maybe with the advent of the mobile version, but the grind is still all too real and a little too much for me time wise. Although, if the mobile version meant all my friends got into it again, I’m sure I could play casually… we shall see.






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