Timesplitters Rewind: What We Know So Far

Fan of the Timesplitters series? Did that trailer leave you deeply unsatisfied? Are you curious what this mysterious Timesplitters Rewind is exactly? Well you are in the right place, today I will look into the information we have regarding Timesplitters Rewind and piece together what exactly we can expect.

Timesplitters Rewind is a fan-driven (like people fans, not wind fans) reboot of the much beloved Timesplitters franchise. The series originally developed by Free Radical Studios gained much acclaim in its three-game run, developing absolute classics that reiterated how much fun could be had in an FPS without having to rely on realism, and instead approaching the genre from a non-sensical new angle – one with time-travel, abundant movie references, cat-racing and excellent characters.



For example, this snowman-genie-thing

Beyond the new approach to the design and aesthetics, the game offered a wealth of content. A deep story mode, complete with timed challenges; a challenge mode that could see you doing anything from smashing plates to shooting hoops to blowing off zombies heads; and a highly customizable arcade mode, which let you team up with (or face off against) up to three friends over local co-op (speaking of local co-op…). I really cannot speak highly enough of the Timesplitters series, and may in the future do a complete, in-depth rundown of what made them so great, but not today, despite being sidetracked by the will to do so!

So why has Timesplitters not got a new release post-2005? Well, that’s kind of a long story and one I have covered here. Long story short, the thing that killed any hopes of Timesplitters 4 was the same thing that killed my ability to ever get hyped for a game – Haze.

The release of Haze didn’t just greatly, greatly disappoint a young me, it also crushed the studio that created my favourite series, ever. There was brief hope that Crytek would carry the series forward after they acquired the rights to the franchise, but even hopes for some kind of HD remake seem low. However, there is hope, and that is where Timesplitters: Rewind enters.



Timesplitters: Rewind’s team of volunteers have been working away, with the permission of the IP owners, on a free follow up. The game will initially be multiplayer only, but with time the team hopes to add the classic arcade mode and potentially more. The game will also feature characters, weapons and maps from all three of the original games, as you can imagine, however, it will be quite the stretch to have all these assets at release, so it’s (future) perfectly possible that your favourite character may be missing for a little. There is some hope also that the game will feature split-screen if the game gets a Playstation 4 release – something Crytek are thought to be helping with. The game will also, of course, feature bots.

So with a basic understanding of what to expect from the project, where are we? As has been shown in that slightly controversial trailer, the team behind the project are looking at a 2017 release, so what do we know about development thus far?

Well, with it being such a small team, information is thin on the ground despite the team’s best efforts to up their interactions with fans in recent months via the team’s new Twitter and Twitch streams showing how content is made. What can be seen are the models that have already been created, some of which look great, this SBP90:



Pretty sweet

Also mentioned in the assets being created is the iconically creepy Hotel level. On the TS: Rewind website this is mentioned as being one of the levels that will accompany the original release, alongside a limited number of characters, weapons and game modes. The maps are likely to be Hotel, Warzone and Compound, although this is far from certain.

The official theme music for the game has been released, but aside from the teaser trailer, that is all that is available on the Timesplitters: Rewind Youtube page.

As I said, information is thin on the ground. This is totally to be expected from a team that is working on a volunteer basis. However, there is a fairly active Discord with a decent amount of activity that will be more than willing to help you with your Timesplitters nostalgia needs (without playing Homefront: The Revolution).


Timesplitters- Challenge-Rewards.png

I got my fill playing Future Perfect!

Maybe that nostalgia is what we will have to live off, for now, the last update on Timesplitters: Rewind website came at the end of May, the forum on the site is pretty inactive, the only active area seems to be the Discord. This aside, we shouldn’t give up on the plucky development team behind this project, they are doing something above and beyond to deliver something no major developer is brave enough to bring us – another Timesplitters game.

We have seen some assets, some of the maps, the soundtrack and even some of the guns. As of yet, I have been unable to find any gameplay showing gunplay, just finding walk around of some of the maps. But work is being done (this five-hour video of Environment art creation proves that). So maybe, just maybe, we can be hopeful that the 2017 release will be met.



Old times.



So, with all that said, here is a brief rundown of what we could expect if (hopefully) Timesplitters: Rewind meets its initial targets:

  • A multiplayer experience, either through LAN or online, with between 8-16 players.
  • There are plans to include bots (it is Timesplitters…)
  • The initial release will not include all characters, maps and guns.
  • Maps somewhat likely to be seen from the start are Compound, Hotel and perhaps Warzone, this is speculation, however (there was also this early video of  Training Ground and a slightly more recent one of Streets).
  • After completion of the multiplayer, there’s hope to create further content such as a story mode.
  • The game will be free upon release.
  • Any console release will likely depend on Crytek’s willingness, so just PC on release it seems.
  • There will be support for some modern controllers (explained here by a Dev).

Do you think we could see a release, as planned, in 2017? I’m sure all Timesplitters fans would be happy with anything, even an ultra stripped down version of the game. The estimation of the release date does seem optimistic from the outside, but the team working hard behind the scenes obviously know more. And even if the 2017 date is not met, I’m sure I’m not the only Timesplitters fan willing to give the dev team as long as they require – any pressure on a team working on the passion for a game deserve patience and compassion.

So, in the meantime, what’s your favourite game in the series? What’s mine… Hmmm… that may call for an article in itself (mainly as an excuse to play a bunch of Timesplitters…).


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