Fallout New Vegas Top 5 Quests

Fallout New Vegas i.e. the best Fallout has a lot of quests in it, absolutely loads, not just quests but great quests. For me, there’s soo many great quests in this game that narrowing a list down to 5 is hard. Any excuse to play the game again though is welcome and thus the list was formed, so here are the top 5 quests in Fallout New Vegas.

Bleed Me Dry

A quest given by Red Lucy at The Thorn located just outside Westside is actually just a few quite a simple tasks. Well as simple as killing Nightstalkers, Cazadores, Deathclaws and the Legendary Deathclaw can be. You see the interest in The Thorn is an arena where you can fight creatures as well bet on similar fights as well. So a place that glorifies killing some of the most dangerous creatures in the wasteland will need, said creatures. Gathering the eggs of (nearly) all the dangerous creatures in the wasteland is what you need to do. Basically it’s, go here, kill creatures, take their eggs and give them to Red Lucy so she can make money on their eventual death. It may be a simple concept but actually going out to kill some of these beasts is a great challenge. It’s that great challenge that makes the quest always fun to play but then I am the only one in existence that likes fighting Cazadores so you know. Doing all this does net you a boatload of caps (5200-6400) as well as a Hunting Rifle and Revolver, but the kicker is the unique shotgun Dinner Bell which is awesome.

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That Lucky Old Sun

Helios One is the home to the quest That Lucky Old Son which has the best set piece in the game, more on that later. Just triggering the quest is kind of interesting, there are multiple ways to do it. Getting into Helios One will trigger the quest and you can get in by lying, using your science skill, positive NCR reputation, an NCR disguise, you can sneak in and of course, you can shoot your way in. Ultimately the quest is about the solar power plant up and running. The NCR want you to send power to the strip and Camp McCarran whereas a scientist named Rivas in the plant wants you to not do that and rig it so everyone has power. He is also worried that the plant may also be a pre-war super weapon. Anyway once you know what you need to do its hacking or finding the passwords to a couple terminals to reset the mainframe connection. Once that’s done you then have to get to the mainframe, taking down robots and turrets along the way. The inside of the facility is quite a combat ground, it even has a bit of verticality something that Fallout 4s combat was praised for. Once you find the mainframe it doesn’t have enough power because the attached generator is broken. You can fix it yourself with your repair skill or get a robot to do it, so long as you have an ID card or enough science to activate it. Once repair you can access the mainframe and divert the power somewhere. You are given 5 options and each has its own outcome, One gives you NCR fame, another gives you Followers of the Apocalypse fame and another arms Euclid’s C-Finder which is a powerful and interesting unique weapon. Once an option has been chosen a new one appears, Arm Archimedes Defense System. Arming it means when once you activate the reflector control panel outside the tower it will call down a laser strike killing all NCR personnel in the area. This quest has so much going for it, lots of choice and options, fun combat as well as mentioned earlier, the best set piece in the entire game.

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Come Fly With Me

A quest that can quite easily be missed certainly shouldn’t be, given in Novac by Manny Vargas he wants you to get rid of the ghouls in the old REPCONN Test Site. When you get there, however, you’ll be contacted over an intercom by what we assume is a ghoul named Chris who wants us to get upstairs to meet him. You have to fight through some ghouls in a decent combat area, which often has them sneak up you. When you do reach Chris you discover in fact, he is not a ghoul but a human, who thinks he’s a ghoul. He and a bunch of other ghouls are hiding from the hostile Nightkin who have taken the basement. Jason Bright is the leader of this band of religious ghouls and he wants you to clear the basement of Nightkin. The reason being, he wants to take his flock on a “great journey” using the rockets in the basement. Naturally, you can just go down there and kill them all but there is an option to help them by finding a shipment of Stealth boy’s. That does lead however to helping someone else, namely another ghoul who wants to know what state his friend is in. Once that’s done you can find out what happened to the stealth boys, tell the Nightkin that there not here and they leave, then Jason and pals will make their way down to the basement. You’re then asked by Jason to help Chris fix the rockets, its here you can convince Chris that he’s a human, not a ghoul. You can then agree to kill Jason and the flock by sabotaging the rockets or talk him out of it and convince him to live a normal life in nearby Novac. Either way, you still need to go out and get a few things. Those things being thrust controllers and atomic fuel, both of which can be acquired in different ways. If you are sabotaging the rockets then you’ll need to grab 3 sugar bombs while you’re at it. Then it’s back to Chris with the items and depending on you’ve done you’ll get a different ending. The good ending see’s the rockets fly off to who knows where, and the not so good ending will see the rockets crash into each other. It’s quite a long quest with a lot to do but there’s a lot of variation on how to complete each task. Different endings as well as a cool set piece either way you go adds up to a great quest.

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Kings Gambit

Once you have dealt with Benny it’s time to choose who to side with if you want to continue the main story. Going down the NCR route will have you meet Ambassador Crocker, the second quest he gives you is Kings Gambit. He tells you that the gang known as The Kings (the Elvis impersonator dude’s) is the gang causing all the violence in Freeside. To deal with this he gives you 2 options, kill Pacer, the one who is the main one responsible for the violence or to solve it diplomatically which is the option Crocker prefers. Like with most quests on this list there are a number of ways to complete it, you can even fail the quest and the game will continue. If you’ve done the quest GI Blues for The King and you haven’t used your favor then this is completed easily, just go to The King and use your favor. If you’ve already used your favor the game gives you another 2 options to solve it peacefully but only one will actually be peaceful. You can either go to Colonel Moore or Colonel Hsu, Moore will tell you to obliterate The Kings and will send a squad to back you up, this will ultimately fail the quest. If you go to Hsu, however, he will tell you that the NCR will offer support to The King. When you get back to Freeside to tell The King if you’re rude to him a firefight will break out and you’ll fail but if your polite Pacer and a few of The Kings will try and stage a coup. This only gets them killed and The King agrees to go ahead with peace between his gang and the NCR. That was all of one option, the other option of, kill Pacer has, even more, ways to complete. You can of course just walk right up and murder him. That again though will fail the quest, I should say even if you fail you are still rewarded, though it’s a lot less than what you can get if you complete the quest. You can give up to 20 caps to a homeless ghoul named Rotface who gives you information for every cap you give him. This way you can find out 2 things, Pacer has a feud with the Van Graffs, weapon merchants who operate in Freeside. The other is that Pacer has a heart problem and too many drugs will kill him. A few options open up, only one, however, doesn’t implicate the Van Graffs. You can kill Pacer by spiking his Jet stash with Psycho, you need a medicine skill of 60 to do it and 1 dose of Psycho obviously. Once he checks on his stash he will immediately die and you can complete the quest. The rest of the ways will all implicate the Van Graffs, you can simply kill him with an energy weapon or even plant a plasma grenade on him and that’s good enough. You can even take Pacers Jet stash a replace it with a forged note you get from a local store. If you are accepted by The Kings or have a speech skill of 50 you can get Ralph to forge one the Van Graffs handwriting. Once Pacer discovers this he will sprint off to murder all the Van Graffs, this again only gets him killed but by the Van Graffs this time. The last way involve you killing him yourself. Go to the Silver Rush the store owned by the Van Graffs and get a job as a guard. Eventually, Pacer will come along and if you choose confrontational speech option then he will attack you and you can put him down. Since you were working for the Van Graffs at the time it doesn’t make the rest of the gang hostile towards you and you can finish the quest. You get a lot of XP and 600 caps, you can get an extra 200 caps so long as you have a barter skill of 60. There is so much to this quest, so many ways to complete it. This is what I love about New Vegas you can play it multiple times and get different outcomes for so many quests. The only problem with this quest is that’s there’s a lot of running around, going through load zones. It can be quite a pain if you haven’t discovered some of the locations. Overall though, fun gameplay, cool skill checks, and multiple options make it great.

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Arizona Killer

This quest is the last quest for Caesar’s Legion before the battle for Hoover Dam. In it, you must assassinate the President of the NCR, President Kimball. As you expect there are many ways in which you can do it. You can murder him with whatever weapon you have on you, from Switchblade to Fatman. Then there are some skill based ways as well, although it’s not as simple as turning up and doing it. You are in an NCR disguise, normal soldiers won’t realize who you are, but you can’t fool the more experienced Rangers. Get too close to one and he or she will open fire. So you need to go about your business carefully or risk blowing the whole deal. There are 2 science options you can use if you a science skill of 50. The first is to sabotage the flight computer for the President’s Vertibird, all you need to do is hack the terminal in the visitor’s center. Once Kimball has finished giving his speech he will get in his vertibird to leave but once it’s in the air it will spin out of control and crash. The other science option is to rig the anti-aircraft gun to shoot down the vertibird before it gets to the dam, this then being the quickest way to finish the quest. You can also rig the gun to explode with a repair skill of 50, a little way into Kimball’s speech it will explode taking him out. You can even shoot the vertibird down yourself as long as you have a powerful enough weapon. From repair and science skills to explode him to death, we move on to the explosive’s skill…to explode him to death. There are 2 explosives option’s you will need an explosive’s skill of 50 to either. The first is to plant a bomb on the vertibird while the President is giving his speech. You get the bomb from fellow Legionnaire Cato who is in the crowd. To get to the vertibird you have to avoid a Ranger who is knocking about and get by a soldier named Jensen. You can find an NCR engineer disguise in the visitor’s center which will get you past no problem. If you have a speech skill of 50 you can get past him by asking him ” Can I see the vertibird? pretty please”. Then all you got to do is plant the bomb, wait for Kimball to finish his speech, then the vertibird explode’s on it’s way out. The second option is to plant some C4 in an NCR trooper’s helmet, this trooper is being honored so will be very close to the President at some point during his speech. About 2 minutes into the speech you can detonate the C4 from wherever you are and then book it out of there. Overall the quest can be frustrating because of the Ranger’s spotting you but otherwise, it’s goddamn fun. Plenty of ways to execute the assassination of President Kimball which include skill checks and even your own creativity. It could use just a few more skill check ways but still a fantastic quest.

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