Far Cry 5: 4 Reasons I’m Looking Forward To It

The Main Antagonist

The most recent Far Cry games have been memorable for their villains alone. The flamboyant and charismatic Pagan Min of Far Cry 4 and although he was more a secondary antagonist Vaas Montenegro pretty much stole the show in Far Cry 3. The last Game (Far Cry Primal) got away from this, I don’t about you but the game was harder to stick with. Joseph Seed is the big bad of this game, a preacher who believes he is protecting the citizens of Hope County (where the game is set) and has established a congregation known as Eden’s Gate. This being a Far Cry game, however, means he’ll be converting people to Eden’s Gate with violence and kidnappings and only occasionally his charm. I’m already intrigued and if Joseph Seed turns out to half as memorable as previous villains then were on for a winner.

J seed

Player Customisation

For the first time ever in a Far Cry game, the player isn’t a set character you play as. You are a deputy sheriff who is sent in to arrest Mr. Seed and things go tits up I guess. Your sheriff is completely customizable meaning you can choose the appearance, skin tone and gender of your “hero”. I already spend too much time in games like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls creating someone who looks vaguely like me. Hell, even in games like PES, FIFA and Football Manager I waste valuable time tinkering with facial settings. This is very much welcome however and I look forward it. There is reason to be cautious because that’s all the information we have on player customization right now. We have no idea how deep it’s going to be. It could turn out like Fallout 4’s character creator which was awesome. Then again it could be like Destiny’s was and be completely pointless.


Bigger Weapon and Vehicles range

There is a bigger emphasis on close quarters combat so a range of melee weapons are coming to Far Cry 5. Weapons such as pitchforks, sledgehammers and baseball bats. Melee combat was decent in Far Cry Primal and I look forward to seeing how they can improve on it. From killing your enemies to making your way around there going to be a bigger selection of vehicles, namely planes. The only air vehicle in Far Cry 4 was the buzzer and well, it sucked. Far Cry 5 boasts such aircraft’s as seaplanes, helicopters, and even old World War 2 fighter planes. Genuine air combat seems like a fun addition to series and is sure to spawn some hilarious moments in single player and co-op, speaking of co-op.


The Game Is Completely Co-op

The older Far Cry games had bits of co-op, Far Cry 3 had a whole separate co-op story and 4 had a man named Hank you could play as. Where Far Cry Primal had no co-op Far Cry 5 has all the co-op as for the first time the whole game is cooperative. Seeing as you play as a deputy sheriff I assume for co-op instead of sending in 1 man to arrest a lunatic with a mini army at his disposal they send 2 deputies. There’s no word on if it is just 2 player co-op or if you can rock up to Hope County with 4 deputies to kick ass. Either way, co-op is guaranteed to shift a few more copies, just look at games like the recent Ghost Recon Wildlands which for me is only fun in co-op.


Are you looking forward to Far Cry 5? Tell us why in the comments.

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