Football’s Coming Home: A Wanted Man

We start today with an offer I could definitely refuse. Southampton saw my absolute bottling of the Northern Ireland game and figured I was the man for them, maybe because they have Steven Davis who could laugh at me all day. Regardless I turned it down, England requires all my focus if I am to bring England glory. Perhaps after I win the world cup, I will consider club management in this save if there is interest.

FM Image 1.png

How ’bout nah

And now I am going to go into hibernation until we play Slovakia.

Almost there, accidentally dropped Walcott in favour of Ross Barkley or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, told him I was sorry, I hope he forgives me. In other news, we have dropped to eighteenth overall in the world with Wales holding twelfth…

Wilshere has picked up an injury AGAIN, so I have replaced him with young Tom Davies, although I could of brought Walcott in… need more central midfielders.

FM Image 2

A team of people

I am now realising that I should not allow my assistant to make the suggestions as he has chosen one injured player and multiple players just coming back from injury… on a related subject I should learn my assistants name. Looking at the team, I may change Vardy to a Defensive Forward, and move Alli to Shadow Striker, with Oxlade-Chamberlain being given a support duty and let Lallana play as an advanced playmaker from the left. We need to win this one and I hope the players are up for a battle.

It’s now half time, from the start I have carried out the tactical changes outlined above plus changed Shaw to a wing-back, and the result:

FM Image 3.png

Oxlade day

So far so good, I am going to keep things as they are and let’s hope that we don’t bottle it like we did against Northern Ireland, if things look to be going south I may switch to the more defensive 4-3-3.

Gave a nice team talk, had a cuppa, time for the second half. Also, Wembley update, I have banned the band. You are welcome.

FM Image 4.png

We did good

After Skrtel’s headed goal I decided to switch to the 4-3-3 as planned which worked a treat, with us getting a further two goals. One came via Jamie Vardy adding his second of he game before breaking his nose, presumably from squaring up to Skrtel. The second was from Sterling following from excellent work from Oxlade-Chamberlain adding his second assist of the match. Comfortable man of the match for Oxlade-Chamberlain, although Vardy once again impressed.

We once again claim top spot in our group, hopefully we can keep hold of it this time.

The next match is a friendly versus South Korea, as it is completely inconsequential I will not present all the details. Not much experimenting will be going on here, just our standard 4-2-3-1 with a debut for Tom Davies and possibly James Ward-Prowse who has been called up due to injuries.

I have also been offered the Palace job…

FM Image 5.png

It feels good to be wanted

It’s a no I’m afraid, as much as I love gravy, I don’t want to follow in Big Sam’s footsteps.

A lot of teams have requested that their players only play 45 minutes, I’m not sure if I can ignore them or what? So for now I will comply with their wishes, might wait for a small team so I can see if they get mad.

Anyway, into the South Korea match (side note: all our friendlies so far have came against teams with directions in their name… and Isreal… or teams with ongoing land disputes I guess…).

FM Image 6.png

Tom Davies… calm down bro

The game turned out to be more interesting than I imagined following Tom Davies getting sent off in the eighth minute, poor lad must of been so excited for his debut and then he absolutely clatters some unsuspecting Korean in a show of passion and he is off. After this happened I dropped to three at the back, pushed the wing backs on, moved Rashford up top with Kane and moved Barkley and Ward-Prowse into midfield, reverting to a counter style. This was successful with Kane finally (FINALLY!) scoring on his eighth clear cut chance of his England career under me, he then proceeded to miss another clear cut chance so lets set the Kane counter at nine CCC, one goal.  He did also hit the post, and I believe he has the quality to be our main man. His goal was followed by Dier’s headed goal from a corner. From there we defended well and held on, overall a fairly decent performance all things considered.

Next time out we have Slovenia, followed by crucial double headers that will decide our fate – is it coming home, or are we? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!





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