Top Five Coolest Pokémon Sprites

As per the title of this post, we will be laying out the top five coolest Pokémon sprites from the original Red & Blue games. Whilst this list is not a definitive resource to the top five sprites, it is pretty damn close as I spent soo much time playing Pokemon Red I know these sprites better than myself – although if you disagree I look forward to your incorrect suggestions.

Now some ground rules, we will only be considering the original one-hundred-and-fifty-one ‘Mons, as previously mentioned these will be taken from the sprites included in Red & Blue. The decision will be based on the front view of the sprite, and not the rear shot you get when it is your ‘Mon.

With the boring lawyer stuff done, let’s begin.

5. Arcanine


Arcanine has always been one of my personal favourites as somebody who almost always started with Squirtle. But it is not for this reason that it made this list. Arcanine’s sprite stands regally in what looks like a strong gust of wind as he holds in a proud tear. Wait a minute… for some strange reason that facial expression reminds me of Nelson Muntz crying.


Just me? Yeah just me… I’ll move on.


4. Sandslash


Sandslash’s sprite looks slightly like a rapper trying to emphasise a lyric to someone standing in the first row. But beyond this, he looks dangerous, the sharp claws are a prevalent part of the design whilst not taking away from his overall Shrew nature. The sharp looking hairs on the back and spike-like features on the top of the head are a nice feature also and add to the dangerous, feral animal look – but still kinda adorable.


3. Charizard


Of all the final evolutions of the starters from Red & Blue, Charizard easily wins the best design. There wasn’t much competition, Venasaur looks like an overweight old man, who has caught too much sun, shouting at some passer-by all whilst having a giant plant on his back. Blastoise’s design was something I avoided looking at when he frequented my team, why is he so fat? Water retention?

Anyway, this was about Charizard, his design always looked quietly powerful and intimidating without the need for spikes or ghoulish features – although I guess he has got fire on his tail and that’s kind of threatening. The only downside to the design is that he seems to be in a room in which he has to duck.


2. Lapras


Of all the sprites in the Pokemon series, the original Lapras sprite stands out for one reason – it hasn’t really changed. Whilst other Pokemon have seen their sprites redesigned and reinvented in order to fit closer to the designs used in the anime series, Lapras seemed to set its own path from the off. The design of Lapras reminds me of a calm, caring surfer, wise but happy to just chill out in the ocean and watch people go about their busy lives as it knows something we don’t. Lapras, the one Pokemon to have it all worked out, and all that just from the design.

Lapras, the one Pokemon to have it all worked out.


1. Haunter


Haunter has a fantastically simple design that comes across as more threatening than any of his later incantations. The face looks like what you would carve into a Jack o’lantern but a little more crazy, a little more unhinged and non-caring. One hand seems to be coming to grab you while the other beckons you, to what? I dunno, run! Just run! We should never have gotten the Silph Scope!!!!


Now we are a safe distance, let’s get on to some honourable mentions (if these were on your list, you are forgiven):




It’s the only Pokemon to realise someone was taking a picture, it is staring right at the player, Porygon knows it’s in a game, the Pokemon made out of programming code knows it’s in a game.



It is kneeling offering you a spoon, it is using its psychic ability to know the exact utensil you require.



Who wants a piece of pie? Grimer does!


Agree or disagree? Who would you throw in? Maybe a Scyther, or an Onyx? Maybe something more hipster like a Rapidash or Tauros? Let me know below if you agree or… disagree. And let me know what exactly Grimer’s sprite looks like, I just can’t put my finger on it…


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