Wish Lists Are Dumb (Kinda)

The main reason I say this is because I was planning on doing a list of improvements and features I wanted to see in Bethesda’s next Elder Scrolls game. When it came to actually figuring out what I personally wanted to see I came up empty.

You see, I like Skyrim, quite a lot actually but that might be because I’ve never played Morrowind. Everyone seems to agree that Morrowind is great so maybe one day I’ll check it out. Anyway after realising I didn’t have anything I went to the internet to see what others wanted and none of it sparked my interest. Some points on others wish lists actually annoyed me, things like getting rid of over encumbrance or the lazy “no bugs” paragraph.

RPGs still need to be realistic in there own world so being able to hold every single item shouldn’t be a thing. Why gamers feel the need to pick up every single item they can will confuse me to no end. People complain about over encumbrance whilst holding onto an untold number of armour pieces they have no intention of wearing. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one who plays RPGs who isn’t a fucking hoarder. To be fair you can sell anything you pick up but then the same people will complain down the line about gold having no value and being useless.

I would love to see a fantasy movie where the main character loots everything from every being he murders, but still suffers from over encumbrance and moves really slowly throughout and or course doesn’t throw anything away.

As for releasing a game without any bugs, I mean we all want that but in case you didn’t know game development is hard. Releasing a game without any bugs becomes more difficult the bigger the games is. If you plan on putting more things in your game thats more QA testing that needs to be done. More QA testing results in more time spent polishing the game, that then means the games going come out much later. Im sure everyone reading this didn’t need to be told these things, but by reading them perhaps you get why I call it lazy when a writer puts “no bugs” on their wish list. No one wants more bugs plaguing their game, ruining quests and breaking emersion. No one wants a game that can be visually beautiful tarnished by more visual glitches, It should go without saying, but yet here we fucking are.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion even if mine’s better, thank you for joining me for Ranting Rursday (Its totally a thing now).

If you didn’t agree with my points then to you I say fuck you  good, because if everyone agreed there’d be no discussion. Thanks again.

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