5 Gaming Myths We All Fell For

Let’s face it we’ve all “fell” for something in our lives, whether it be a girl, a sport like football (American) or football (Every where else). Even that stupid “got your nose” bit when you where too young to understand what was happening. So the majority of you, not me, probably fell for these video game myths. Before I get into it I want to say I only believed 1 of these following myths.

Bigfoot In GTA

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is my personal favourite GTA game, I sunk many hours into it. Most of those hours where spent pissing about, ignoring missions and causing all sorts of chaos. I can honestly say that absolutely none of those hours where spent looking for Bigfoot. It is believed that the creature can be found in the Back O’ Beyond, Shady Cabin or Mount Chiliad areas, but despite many players spending many hours trying find the elusive Bigfoot it just hasn’t happened. Its easy to see why this rumour fooled everyone as it isn’t a stretch to say there’s a hidden creature in the game you need to find, after all there are things like hidden packages so why can’t there be a giant ape. It is literally impossible to find out where this internet rumour first originated but it seems as though it started because of the mention of a Bigfoot in the games manual. The myth gained so much traction that one of the co founders of rockstar needed to confirm that “There is no Bigfoot, just like in real life”.



Minecraft… remember that game, it was alright wasn’t it. Thats not fair I’m sure plenty of people still play it, I’m not one of them. I used to play Minecraft a lot though and around that time came the legend of Herobrine. It all started as a simple creepy pasta but then some streamers got ahold of it and photoshopped him into Minecraft screenshots. Even going as far as to stage a hoax to fool people into believing that he was in the game. The original creepy pasta basically says that Herobrine is Notch’s (creator of Minecraft) dead brother, the problem with that however is Notch doesn’t have a brother. He himself has stated that he has no plans to add Herobrine into the game and he’ll doubt this will ever change. Despite the fact that everyone by now knows the origins and the legitimacy of Herobrine that hasn’t stopped him from showing up in mods, fan art and even promotional material for the game. Even though Herobrine has never or ever will be part of the game, he will always be part of the fandom.


Mew Under The Truck

The Moment you read the title you knew this would be on here, how couldn’t it be. For those of you who are still uninformed Mew is a Pokemon, Pokemon is a massive franchise and to the people who haven’t played a Pokemon game… oh wait! such a person doesn’t exist. In the original Pokemon Red and Blue Mew was well god effectively, the games state that its the ancestor of all Pokemon. The Red and Blue Pokedex entry says its so rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts, only a few people have seen it worldwide. The only way to get Mew was through a glitch, which was only discovered 10 years after the games release. Mew is incredibly rare is my point, so its baffling as to why anyone would think it would be under a truck. In the games if you beat your rival, get the HM Cut then purposely get knocked out you will teleport to a Pokemon Centre and the SS Anne will not sail away. Meaning once you’ve learned surf you can come back to the SS Anne and surf to the right to a piece of land which houses said truck. Then according to the rumour you use strength on the truck, the truck would move and then a Pokeball containing Mew would be there. This is unbelievable, literally, even when I heard this as an 8 year old I was like “this is bollocks”. I probably didn’t use those exact words but that was what I meant. I guess Mew was so sort after in those days that kids would believe anything to get their hands on it, also we were all kids and kids believe everything you tell them.




The story of Polybius goes like this, An unheard arcade cabinet starts showing up in arcades across Portland, Oregon in 1981. There is no description of the game other than its addictive. So much so that lines would form around the machine just to play it, with fights breaking out over who would play it first. The arcade cabinet would be visited by men in black who would gather unknown data from the machine. Players of the game supposedly suffered a series of side effects from playing, such as amnesia, insomnia, stress, nightmares and night terrors. Apparently players of Polybius would stop playing video games altogether with one player even becoming an anti gaming activist. A month after its release Polybius mysteriously vanished altogether. People believed it to be an experiment by the government, to what end is different depending on who you ask, super soldiers maybe?. However around the same time a man suffered a migraine after playing an early version of Tempest and another man was suffering from stomach pain after playing asteroids for 28 hours straight . The FBI had also raided the place 10 days after as the owners were suspected of using the machines for gambling. In the lead up to the raid the FBI were monitoring the place for signs of tampering and recording high scores. The 2 events combined are believed to be the cause of the urban legend that is Polybius. There is a lot more evidence to support the latter, and a lot of information missing in the Polybius story. Instead of being fooled I think this one is more of an I want to believe case, it would have made a good X Files episode.


ET Game Buried In Desert

Often citied as the worst game of all E.T The Extra Terrestrial (1982) was one of the earliest video games based on a movie. The game is a contributor to the video game crash of 1983, the game sold poorly and a lot of the unsold copies were send back by retailers. Eventually Atari were pushed into debt and the company was divided and sold in 1984. In september of 1983 Alamogordo Daily News of New Mexico reported that 10 to 20 truckloads of Atari boxes, cartridges, and systems were buried at a landfill within the city. It was chosen because no scavenging was allowed and its garbage was crushed and buried nightly. An Atari official stated that is was sending broken material to the dump that was inoperable. It was speculated that unsold copies of E.T were buried there but people mostly believed it to be urban legend. At the end of september concrete was poured on top of the crushed materials which is apparently rare in waste disposal. The reason being there were dead animals down there and we wouldn’t want any children to get hurt digging in the dump. The E.T game being buried in the dump was to stay an urban legend for the next 30 years with believing that there was nothing to it. However in 2013 Fuel Industries were given permission to access the dump for 6 months for the purpose of making a documentary about the myth and to excavate the site. E.T and other atari games were found in the early hours of the excavation. Only about 1300 cartridges of the estimated 700,000 were found making it one of only video game myths to actually be true.


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    however, so time is running out to benefit from this year’s ISA allowance.10, saving ?1, and more recently with One Direction’s Zayn Malik, My kids adore their dad. I think the Beeb should be patted on the back for it. He has great potential but is still learning and needs to catch up with people like Kimberley Walsh and Lisa Riley. But now he is scathing about the inadequate provision for injured troops returning to their units.



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