My Top 3 Games To Look Forward To In 2017

I was browsing the list of games coming out this year and I thought to myself “Damn that’s a lot of games”. I was also amazed at how many of them I didn’t care about, there are a few that I’m keeping an eye on but not too many that I’m ecstatic about. There’s your  yearly releases like FIFA, PES, Call of Duty and Football manager that will always have my attention. Then there’s games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands, South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Heh) and Pray that I’ll be keeping an eye on. So far there’s only 3 games that will be day one purchases for me and they are… 

Pit People

Developed by The Behemoth as a follow up to the Incredibly fun Battleblock Theater and the pure awesomeness that is Castle Crashers, Pit People much like its predecessors takes on a new genre. Coupled with your action role playing game is a turn based strategy game, where you’ll quest and explore. Recruit different fighters and species which are all customisable. The game will also be co-op allowing up to 4 players for 2v2 battles, the co-operative play was one of the best parts about the previous 2 games. Pit people comes out on steam early access and the xbox preview program on the 13th of January (tomorrow for me) and I can’t wait to get stuck into it.


Sea Of Thieves

The action adventure game developed by Rare, I’m sure you know who they are, where your a pirate. You exist in a world shared with other players, a world filled with loot and dangers like mythical creatures and other player crews. You of course can have your own crew with your friends and how you deal with other crews is up to you. There will be quests to do as well, quests to find loot, take down bounties, track down shipwrecks and discover islands. There is no overarching story, the idea is to create your own story through what you and your friends experience. This games seems like a lot fun, there is no solid release date yet but it is expected to release this year.


Kingdom Come Deliverance

Being developed by Warhorse Studios this medieval RPG is the game that I’m most looking forward to. The game is set in Bohemia, located in the heart of Europe the year is 1403, you play as Henry the son of a blacksmith. Your home is destroyed and your family killed this is where your story starts. From here you go on quests, interact with NPC’s and partake in castle sieges, you can solve problems with your weapons or your charisma. You can be merciful or feared, whatever you choose to do there will be consequences and there is multiple ways to complete each quest. As fan of games like Fallout and Skyrim I’m hopeful that choice and multi layered quests are present more than what the were in the most resent Fallout game. Just like Sea of Thieves there is no release date set other than to be expected in 2017.


Overall I’m not sure what to make of this years current games line up, I’m hopeful that it will be a good year for games but with gaming you never really know.

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