FIFA 17: Career Mode Improvements

FIFA 18 will come out in 8 months time and instead of waiting until its too late for EA to make changes or add certain details I’m going to list some of the improvements I would like to see.

I’m going to start with some of the smaller changes.

  • Player Interactions/Contracts

Well its more lack there of, player interaction especially. A player will come to you with a request or problem but you can’t respond. For example when a player comes to you and asks for more money, you have to give him what he wants or sell him. There should be an option to talk to him, to either make him drop his concern or at least give you more time. Another example is when a player asks to play, you could tell him he can’t because another player in his position is in form and you want to drop him. Of course the reasons you give won’t always work but it would be nice to feel more like a manager when playing manager mode.

They’re called contract negotiations despite the fact there is no negotiation, a reserve player wants 10k you have to give him 10k. all I want is to meet in the middle or usher him down to what I want to pay him. In pervious games this wasn’t really a problem but now that theres financial objectives, even ones that target wages specifically every penny counts. Why not have a football manger like system (you’ll see this again) where you go back and forth with offers in real time instead of offering a contract and waiting for a few days to see if the player accepts.

  • Press conferences 

Press conferences in FIFA are a complete waste of time and unless there is any improvement or change they might as well be scrapped altogether. Just have the press ask a few questions and we answer them. The answers we give should have an effect on things like player morale, board confidence and fan appreciation, both positive and negative.

  • licences for Champions and Europa leagues

This is a long shot and will probably never happen but I want it, its incredibly lame playing in the champions cup or the euro league. If you can’t get the licences just call them by the proper names and just spell them wrong. Champeeins League, Youropaa League, actually screw the licences just do that. Also I want the other continents tournaments like the AFC Champions league and the Copa libertadores, just going to tack that on here.

  • Player Awards

now there are awards like player of the season and stuff but there on the news screen that nobody reads. It would be neat if you vote for a player to win player of the year, as well as goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward and world player of the year. Then have award ceremonies similar to what they have in PES. The same could be done for manager of the season as well.


Now on to the bigger changes.

  • Co-op/Multiplayer Career Mode

This is a feature that everybody wants…right? surely. For me it should be Football manager style. Say we want to do a multiplayer career with 4 other people in the premier league. We all choose a team and go from there, when all 4 players are ready, days advance. We all play matches at the same time, have all european games take place on a Wednesday and league games on a Saturday. This would be a lot of fun, for me this is all it needs to be like.

  • Youth Academy/ Scouting

To be fair the youth academy we have now isn’t too bad, if we could just be a bit more specific. At the moment the search options for a youth scout are Attacker, technically gifted, physically strong, winger, defensive minded, playmaker and goalkeeper. I would like to combine them with positions, they almost do that as it is. I would like to search for a striker position the winger type meaning the scouts would look for a striker with good pace and dribbling.

Normal scouting is dumb, I’m currently playing a career mode with barnet. In league 2 when was scouting for first team players I kept getting Premier League level players recommended to me. The scouting system needs to be tweaked so this doesn’t happen, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been looking for pacey players only for the scouts to come back with players that aren’t. There really isn’t a massive change for scouting in reality in just needs to be fixed…sort of.

  • Player Stats and Records

It would be great if player statistics like goals and assists where tracked throughout a career mode. It would great to know who has scored the most goals for you over 10 seasons. Combine it with records like record goalscorer, imagine starting a career mode with Arsenal and have a player become record goalscorer overtaking Henry’s record of 175. The game could track every teams records like what Football manager does, but of course the game will never be like football manager.

  • Choice System/Fan Rating

With FIFA 17 adding a manager rating I’d like to see FIFA 18 add a fan rating, we have already had a fan rating in FIFA 08. Which also had a fantastic, albeit small choice system that needs to come back. This would coincide with the fan rating as well as job security and team chemistry. For example you would get an email saying ” Thieves broke in and dug up turf from the training pitch” etc, you would then get 3 choices.fifa08-r1

In this instance the choices were to cancel training and pay for immediate repairs, continue to practice and hope the turf will grow back or to… well see for yourself.


This is the option I went for, we ended up losing a bit of team chemistry as well as some money. Like I said this needs to come back, I love the small layer of depth it adds. Making choices like that is what managers do and FIFA needs something like this. It would also be great to see what the fans thought of resent signings and results. If the rating gets too low the board will be on your case. You could also then bring in things like fan favourite players or styles of play, but that maybe going a bit too far.

FIFA needs to shake things up, we’ve had pretty much the same career mode for the past 3-4 years. I nearly didn’t buy this years game because of the pathetic, almost insulting “additions” to this years career mode. Hopefully FIFA 18 will bring in some much needed changes, even if nothing on this list makes it in, as long as there is some form of change or meaningful addition. It’ll be just dandy.

Thanks EA for reading.

Because they defiantly did.

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