Rainbow Six: Siege – Operation Red Crow plus free weekend

Ubisoft are looking to kick of the fourth season of its highly coveted shooter Rainbow Six: Siege with a treat for both current players, and newcomers to the tense tactical action.

For the veteran operators there is the release of Operation Red Crow to get excited for. This is the fourth major update to the series since the games release almost a year ago. This update will see new operators Hibana and Echo join the diverse pool of current operators, and a new map named Skyscraper set in Nagoya, Japan is likely to add some freshness to online map rotation.

Season pass holders will be able to experience these two operators for free and will receive them on the November 17th. Everyone else will have the chance to unlock them from via renown or credits from the 24th. We, as well as most fans, are excited to see how these new operators will effect the meta, especially Hibana who can end the reliance on the operator Thermite potentially. As per previous upgrades the map, Skyscraper, will be free, allowing everybody the chance to drop straight in and duke it out in a map inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

Final details for the update will be released on Sunday, November 13th, through the Rainbow Six twitch channel, which will be broadcasting the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 finals.

For those who have yet to experience Siege a great opportunity for PlayStation 4 and PC users to play for free is available this weekend (sorry Xbox users). If you need any more convincing as to why this is a great use of your weekend, read our piece here. We hope all you new players can get as much out of the tense tactical action as we have over the past year.


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