The Satisfaction of Siege

With Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Titanfall 2 all releasing recently there’s plenty of options for owning your next first person shooter. It is my belief however that the best FPS is already out, and has been for some time. That game is…

Rainbow Six: Siege


Before going into why siege is awesome I just want to cover the other games, starting with Titanfall 2.

The reason I’m starting with Titanfall is because I haven’t played it, I’ve played the first game and it was pretty good but not without its flaws. A lack of content was holding it back as well as some poor map design. Titanfall 2 however has been released to critical acclaim scoring up to 90 on Metacrictic. Many Reviewers agreeing it to be a major improvement from the first game. As I’ve said I haven’t played it but gunplay seems to be the same with the main satisfaction coming from earning and using the titan, in multiplayer at least. There is a single player campaign this time around as well, which isn’t just a shooting gallery by all accounts, so props to Respawn.

Now, Battlefield 1 is fun, it is very fun, but that may be because of the new operations game mode more than anything else. As long as your attacking of course, defending can be frustrating. The other modes like rush can be enjoyable provided you have a team that plays objectively instead of trying to boost their K/D. Enjoyment in Battlefield comes from getting a string of kills, taking an objective and winning the match. You don’t need to do all of these to get a feeling of satisfaction. Just getting a string of kills to hold an area makes you feel like a badass. Doing these things isn’t too difficult either and when things do get hard there’s still a chance you can take that objective, secure that kill, bringing with it a great sense of gratification. Battlefield 1 is excellent, Siege is better still, I will explain my reasoning right after I touch on… (sigh) Infinite Warfare.

After me and my buddies first session on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare I came away completely unimpressed. Unless your like one of the MLG guys who can jump into public lobbies and win matches by yourself, then your not going to enjoy yourself. Seeing as now in the Call of Duty franchise the only way to have fun in multiplayer is to completely dominate. I like to think I’m an average/slightly above average player, so me dominating an entire game isn’t going to happen very often. I’m going to stop here with Infinite Warfare because  I don’t want to rant on about how poor I think the game is. To be honest it (probably) isn’t completely terrible, if you like it go and play it. I however will more than likely go and play Rainbow 6: Siege for my FPS fix and I’ll explain why.

I’ve been mentioning satisfaction a lot throughout this piece, mainly because if video games weren’t satisfying we wouldn’t play them. If a game isn’t enjoyable then we would stop playing it. Rainbow 6 has been out for nearly a year now, I’m not going to say i haven’t stopped playing it because I have. When I did start playing it again I couldn’t tell why I stopped in the first place. Just getting one kill is so incredibly satisfying, gunplay is fantastic, matches are tense. In no other FPS I’ve played is composure key, if you lose your composure and start spraying or engage an enemy when you shouldn’t, you die. If you keep your composure and secure the kill it can win you the match, turn the game in your favour. You do so many things in Siege that are satisfying and fun, there are even moments when you feel immense pride. Like when its 4 vs 1 in the enemy teams favour and you lure them out or hunt them down, killing them one by one and win the round. Then you say to yourself “that was awesome” it is truly amazing. Getting a kill, securing an objective, using your operators ability to great effect, marking an enemy for a team mate to kill are just some of ways this game leaves you with a great feeling of satisfaction and pride.

Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Titanfall 2 are all out now but why don’t you save some money. Instead of paying £40-£50 why not pick up Rainbow 6: Siege for less than £30. If you already have it, play it, whether you decide to loan wolf it or play with friends there is so much fun still to be had with this game.

The tense matches of Rainbow 6: Siege are an experience that every FPS fan needs to have.


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